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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Week In Review.

The train thing worked out exceptionally well - we'll be employing it again. Not only is there a train station near Ray, there's a train station near Aunt Janet who just had knee surgery and Aunt Diane who did not have knee surgery and has been stuck for the laundry for the past few weeks. Speaking of which we also had a moment of silence when Navy boy was discussing his wardrobe. Now, to back up a little, I've always believed children resemble their parents because it's hard to strangle someone who looks just like you. At the start we had called Adam on Monday to see when he was coming in. He told us Tuesday BUT then went on to tell us: he still had no debit card and no access to the Internet at that time. So he was with a friend and he was going to the bank, withdrawing cash and giving it to friend #2 to deposit in his account. Then was heading to friend #1's place and they would find a reservation on perhaps a train, perhaps a donkey - whatever was available. THEN they would call friend #2 with the details and he would pay for and make the reservation and then call Adam back. The fact that it was Monday mid morning and none of this had actually gone further than a discussion bothered no one but the aforementioned parent. David cut to the chase and used some of Adam's Christmas money up here and our debit card and Voila! a ticket was had. Now we were discussing this over dinner and Adam was telling us he had slept over the friend's house on Monday as he lives near the train station, but hadn't wanted to go back to the base to pack. SO they ran across the street to the local thrift shop, Adam purchased enough clothing for the week and a suitcase for $25 AND THAT'S WHAT HE WORE FOR THE WEEK. I'm not kidding and I'm still laughing - I wish I had a camera for the look on our faces when he relayed THAT story. He even got a pair of sneakers for $2, no one was brave enough to visit the underpants and sock question. I have to admit I've never considered getting an entire wardrobe out of the Salvation Army Store to save myself a trip just because I didn't feel like it. And this is also why we have children - because they will forever keep you open to new ideas and options, no matter how bizarre they may be.

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