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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The End Of Vacation

That's right - last day and then it's back to work tomorrow. This has been a very nice, low key vacation, just the way I like it. I went off by myself yesterday and took advantage of the winter clearances, just poking about. David is finally on the mend, he had a horrible sinus infection that traveled to his ear and jaw - the antibiotics are finally kicking in and today was the first day in a week he feels better. The weather remains bitterly cold but it is winter -and I do have to start looking for a new car. My car has been revving between gears and David spoke to our mechanic who confirmed the transmission is indeed going. He advised that we not even think about replacing it - he said lowball estimate would be over $2000 and since the car has well over 200,000 miles it just isn't worth it. Stinkin thing. But we have a little time so this weekend I'll start looking and David is going to talk to the guy at Enterprise - I was surprised too. We had rented a car for me to drive to Janet's and when we returned it David was chatting with the rep - and he told David they sell the used rental cars after they get so many miles on them. They have a warranty and are a good price so David is looking into that too. Harry called and said they've shown the house this week, he didn't hear anymore than that, but it's promising that the market is (hopefully!) picking up for us. Having a renter takes a load off of us, aside from the rental money just having someone in the house and it not sitting empty is a relief, but I would really rather just be done with the whole thing.

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