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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mud. And Lots Of It.

This is a much better view than the one we're currently having - it's been raining since we got home and the mud here is horrendous. Sinky, slick and staining, the car drags up the slope of the driveway leaving huge ruts, my feet sink as I walk through the yard. With the snow gone it's a relief but it's hard to figure out what we'll be doing with the yard looking over the sea of slop that faces us now. I'd like to have a garden this year maybe, but the usual problem is where to put it. Being in the woods of course there are trees and then there's the massive population of those Sneaky Deer - you can just sense them starting to lurk about the yard looking for things to destroy while you're not home. Hateful, sly creatures at best. The pets did fine - the cats were in charge of the house and Pearl went to prison. She's happy to be home - the place we take her give the dogs a bath before you come get them so she's very shiny. She barks constantly while she's there so she's a bit hoarse but that will pass. Nancy is coming out this weekend so I have to get the guest room ready - we'll be shopping for the weekend of course. Pearl will be using her hostessing skills all weekend - it's one of her favorite activities and the appreciation varies. This week is going a little faster because I got back to work on Tuesday but of course that just means you have to squeeze 5 days into 4.

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