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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why We Don't Own More Pets

I was thinking that Pearl could use a friend. I mentioned this to David who made his usual face but we have never had just one dog. Then I remembered we are planning the trip to Disney - we have to find a kennel first, then make sure she has all of her shots. Next find someone to come and feed the cats and clean out their litter pan. That usually adds at least between $100 and $200 to any adventure we take. Not to mention I'm planning on taking a vacation in June too so there will be that. So for now we will have to be Friends Of Pearl. Pets can be so expensive. I did my shopping the other day and will finish up - the sales up here are great this time of year so I'm really loading up. AND I'm finally getting more channels for my TV set which I'm very excited about, thank you very much. The man is coming today to put a different box on so I can join the 20th century and stop reliving my childhood days of Only Four Channels. I will be watching TV all weekend if you need me.

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Donna said...

I certainly don't want another dog; and thankfully, Sadie is a spoiled only dog who resents the presence of other dogs anyhow. When a dog comes to visit, she guards her food and her toys, and she breathes an audible sigh of relief when they leave. You're right, owning a pet is expensive and often inconvenient.