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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Interesting Weekend

Nancy arrived here right on schedule - got a bit turned around but managed to find the house on her own. I did offer David's services but Nancy stated that since she' d been all over the world it would be an embarrassment to be rescued at McDonald's. We had dinner at Friendlies later that night and pie for dessert. Saturday of course didn't go according to plan - the loan finally went through and I had to drive all the way back to Lake Ariel to sign my half of the papers. I took Nancy with me so we could head out to the mall right after. Then one of the nurse's called to ask me if I could send a face sheet for the admit today since she'd accidentally shredded her copy - this was a few phone calls and texting as I was hurtling along route 447. Everything was straight by the time we got out of the bank and went slinging back to the mall - on Saturday this time of year it's a madhouse by 1 so we needed to be in and out. Nancy did well - she wears an odd shoe size so I worked the racks while she tried them on and she not only found two pair that fit - but they were on sale. We had our first BBQ of the season which was fun and then after dinner David headed out to the emergency room. He no longer has a pilonoidal cyst, now he has a large boil. Which of course he needed to deal with Saturday after 8 pm. He went by himself as it wasn't as bad as the cyst even though I offered to go. He phone tagged with Dr. Paul, got it lanced and is back on antibiotics again - he's getting pretty discouraged but is a bit better today. I finally finished my shawl, I have to say it came out a lot bigger than it was intended - you would have thought when I added in the 4rth or 5th skein I would've maybe thought about it then , but no I just kept on until I ran out of yarn. Nancy brought me her mother's old knitting needles from England and the odds and ends of yarn she's kept. I've looked through it and will most likely keep it all - the needles are wonderful of course and they'll get added to my collection.

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