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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Things You Can Knit

I know that's a fuzzy picture and doesn't do the actual garment justice. I'm currently looming around looking for a sweater pattern - you would think with the millions of patterns it would be easy. I need a simple cardigan with bell sleeves. But it's like the pear pie recipes - you have to sift through the silt to find the good stuff. There is a surplus of weirdness out there - that picture is an "asymmetrical" poncho - with sleeves. Since it's asymmetrical, it has one big sleeve and one wee little sleeve. It also billows out on one side - so I have the power to make you an outfit that will make you look a big Quasimodo-ish. WHY? Why would anyone purposely make something uneven, especially since I've done that on more than one occasion without trying? Does that make me a cutting edge designer? I still remember finding this great yarn in a deep rose - I started knitting a women's cardigan, waist length, without gauging it first. It grew at an alarming rate, but since I was into it, I soldiered on. Kim became the recipient of the Knitted Bathrobe. She sent me a picture of her 6'4" father wearing it - and it hung past his knees. I've advanced since then, at least I hope so. Although the shawl I'm knitting currently is making me a bit nervous - it's still balled up on the needles but it looking a bit big. But shawls have no size so it's ok.

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