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Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend At Disney

This year the annual Bayada party was held in Disney to celebrate the 35th anniversary - what a great weekend! We arrived around 11 on Friday, the whole day Saturday was Bayada business. David had no problems finding a friend, not only did we run into the retired post master from Wilkes Barre BUT everyone brought their spouses. David met a guy from NC that's been here before and brought his own cooler of beer. Anyone that hasn't been to Disney (that would be us)(well, I went once when I was 11) - the food is outrageous - when we got here we split a tuna wrap, two beers and two cookies - $29!! So, David starts talking to this guy in the hotel courtyard and he hauls out his cooler of beer and the two of them spend the afternoon talking cars. This year the party was for family too which was fun - they had a big buffet and then dancing until 12. David and I headed out to Epcot for the day yesterday - we had a great time - the ride Soarin was spectacular and we had dinner in China after watching the acrobats. We've spoken to both the boys, Jackson called first and he's made E 3 and is getting over his broken engagement. I hadn't said anything before because you know how those things go, but I think it's truly over. Jackson had a hard time but we're very proud of him - instead of wallowing he's stopped smoking, started concentrating on his future and is eating better, not to mention advancing in rank. Adam is doing fine also, he's still in port but is making the most of it and is signed up for another college course. David and I are headed home, Pearl will be sprung from prison tomorrow and Nancy is gracing up with her presence on Friday. But it's been a great weekend!

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