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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Man's Feast is Another's Man's Poison

I've been posting articles on the catholic church lately on facebook - it's certainly not hard to find them. In fact, if you look for say, 20 seconds you can find at least a few horrifying rundowns of the what these priests have been doing. I think the thing I find the most fascinating is how this institution continues to frantically try to cover up or act like they didn't know it was wrong - or happening. The sad thing is that everyone is being hurt by this small section of people - I can't imagine finding out after being raised in the catholic religion, that it's a sham - just a hunting ground for pedophiles and sadists - what do you do now? And there are true believers - those who did live their religion. I did know a member of clergy quite well and admired him. It had nothing to do with his religious beliefs, he was truly a good soul that lived by the vows he'd taken as a young man. His grace, kindness and desire to help. Visiting the sick when he was dying himself, always there for whoever needed him. And when he needed others, they abandoned him - it never made him angry, he just moved on. And yes, he would have loved for me to convert, he did try and I was asked if it bothered me - it didn't. Because he wasn't doing it for himself, I think he would have liked for me to share in what he felt, the true glory and power of his lord. But I already have that and like many things in life, either you do. Or you don't. There was a time when I would have converted gladly, but even looking back at that time in my life, I loved the catholic church for it's beauty and astounding artwork, I still consider their churches and statues amazing in structure and detail - but I can have that without the god stuff. I have no problems with other people's religions, as far as I'm concerned your religious beliefs should give you a sense of community, of peace - somewhere to go when things get bad and rules to follow when you need to be good. But when a religion is repeatedly shown to be full of criminals, sadists, committing crimes freely and then expecting us all to turn the other way in the face of it - is it really a religion?

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