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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pear Pie

I'm making another Pear Pie tomorrow - David has become addicted I think. The reason I made one in the first place is, well, I had a lot of pears. I bought them at BJs here in town, waited for them to get ripe - and then all two dozen of them got ripe all at once. I'm a pretty strict vegetarian and willing to go that extra mile when need be, but even I have my limits. So I googled "pear pie" and I must not be the only one stuck with a large amount of pears from BJs because there are a ton of recipes. The fun thing about the Internet is I no longer have to drag out all my cookbooks in search for a good recipe - within seconds I have thousands to pick from - I think if I had a surplus of mouse feet or cat hair I would be able to google a good recipe for it. The downside of course is within seconds I have thousands of recipes to pick from, five of which I'll like, a few hundred that are questionable and then the rest that can be downright scary as there seems to be a large amount of self taught chefs that toss everything in from beets to mouse feet in order to stand out from the crowd. Then there is the What The Hell Is That list of ingredients so I just scanned the first few and picked the one that seemed the simplest and the easiest to make. Pear pie has a lot of the same ingredients as apple, but if you use very ripe pears - it's super good, a little sweeter and much different, but something I would make again. David was very adventurous this month because besides trying the pie, he also tried a Boca burger - his verdict was it was OK, but not to his liking as it didn't taste a bit like meat. And they don't, they're hamburger shaped so you can put cheese and buns on them but that is where the similarities end - but that doesn't make it bad to eat. Chocolate doesn't taste like meat either but most people eat plenty of that. I guess it's just an acquired taste (like Pear pie!!)

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