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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 3rd of July!

David and I need a wife. We need one that will clean the house, do the dishes, walk the dog and make our lunches. She needs to be good at ironing, budgeting, running errands and getting the mail. If she can mow the lawn that would be a bonus. However, we don't have one so we have to make due. David has ended up on a Saturday shift so I've been taking advantage of that and cleaning the house bit by bit. I don't know about you, but I find it much easier to get things done when I'm alone - when David's here there's a lot of distraction (HEY! Let's go to Dairy Queen!) or we end up doing a Home Depot run. I enjoy the quiet, I sit and read under the trees while Pearl does Chipmunk Patrol around the perimeter - I have to keep a good eye on her though. She snuck over to the neighbor's yesterday and I think she did a Sneaky Poo on his manicured lawn. I was like ACKK and was going to take a baggie and see if I sneak it back to our side of the border. But it was really early - they're elderly so I didn't want to scare them by waking them up to find some deranged neighbor waltzing around their yard with a handful of poo. Not to mention I wasn't entirely sure she had done the deed or not, so I opted to let sleeping dogs lie and I just make sure she stays on our side. The cats are entirely out of my control. Work continues on, I'm on the countdown now which just makes it torturous at times - our two nurses that have the lion's share of the patients are taking a vacation at the same time, the boss has been out sick and we're hoping she doesn't have pneumonia and I've been out on the road doing patients. Added to that load is the fact that I am leaving so I'm trying to get everything done before I go. It will end though. In other news - we got a solid offer on the Lake Ariel house! We'll have to take a bit of hit on this one folks but with what we'll recover in the Cat Pee house if we ever decide to sell it will more than even out. We just want to be done with that house entirely, this landlord thing is for the birds. I guess I'd better get moving, the weekend is always shorter than you think it is, isn't it? And I have to rest up as the LYS is having a 30% off sale on EVERYTHING tomorrow!

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