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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beyond The Grave

 I have passed this graveyard about 50 times the past year - it took awhile to figure out where the entrance was - it's  directly off the road and at an angle so you can only get in if you're coming, not if you're going. Then I needed time to go - and this week I had time between clients and I was there. Most of the graveyards here are BORING, the same little squares over and over. This one was old  and hit the right era, during  the late 1800's to early 1900's for some reason this country got creative in honoring their dead - there was a definite Keeping Up With The Jones attitude going on! I wandered about half of it - maybe - there is something so fascinating about graveyards, especially if a lot of effort has been put into it. I myself will not be buried, I think it's a waste of good earth unless of course you're going to put up a massive, ornate over the top  gravestone. It should involve  Gothic angels, statuary resembling The Dearly Departed or a super creepy crypt with an overbearing religious figure, then it would be OK for you to be buried.  I once had a patient that had made a Jesus in ceramic class and they learned the technique of painting those eyes that follow you back and forth so it would look like you were being watched over by Our Lord and Savior. Every time she left the room I would quicky get up and march back and forth in front of it and the little tiny holy eyes did look like they were peeping at you. I didn't like it, but it was a pretty interesting effect - and when the patient would come back I would dart back to the couch as it would look unprofessional to be marching around the living room. Anyhoo, I had a boffo time in the graveyard and will hopefully find the time to go back and finish touristing the rest of the place. I also got pictures of REAL coffins, don't ask! Actually I found the holding room thing and there were little decoration holes so I stretched up high and got a picture - I have perfected the art of putting my camera where I cannot go, it has gone down mine shafts, holes in crypts, holes in the ground - you never now what you're going to see!

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JaneBond said...

Julia, Julia! I came across your blog as I wa trying to update mine. the last time i was on my blog was in Sept of 2010. I love reading different interesting things and yours is one of them!
Thanks for sharing!