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Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter is looming near!

 Yes I still have the ghosts and yes I am still putting holiday outfits on them. I took their St. Patty's day stuff off last week and put on the Easter stuff.  After that there's no real holiday except for Memorial Day and 4 rth of  July.  I can't possibly think of what kind of Memorial Day outfit I could do and I don't want them hanging out in their red white and blues for months on end so I'll have to think about it. I'm trying to avoid Easter candy due to my current weight problems but those peeps they are acalling me! They sit in rows at the grocery store and the drug store with their soft marshmallowy goodness calling my name - arrgh - so not helping! But when I'm not pouting over peeps I've been having a good time with my ereader - ever since that guy fixed it it works fine and it's so great! I especially like the book bundles you can get, one of my favorite author's books had two bundles and with the discount I got the equivalent of 10 books for $40 - can't beat that! I have plenty on it now, I admit to be a little panicked after all I went through with Borders Customer Service - if you want to know why things shouldn't be outsourced try calling Borders with a problem - an entire country that cannot find it's ass with both hands is in charge of your concerns and complaints - so I overbought a little following the theory of striking while the iron is hot. But I've stopped (for now) and have plenty to read and it's so cool it's all in that little thing!

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