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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's That Time Of The Year

 The last of the snow melted last week - there's a bit here and there peeking about but for the most part it's gone. It was nice Saturday, crappy today and there's a rumor going around it will be 80 tomorrow. I got my hair cut today and we did the shopping - we've been discussing our future plans the past couple of weeks. David and I had  agreed to not discuss things for awhile so we could figure out what we were doing  - or not doing. It's an ongoing sort of thing, back and forth, here and there, to and fro. On and on it goes, we take it out and turn it like an old toy that you can't quite figure out what it is. You run it under the tap, turn it here and there, pick it up, put it down as if looking at this thing of mystery at just the right angle will suddenly make it all clear. One of the big decisions we've made is we are not rehabbing the pool - we've peered at that bad boy six ways to Sunday and though the idea of having a pool is attractive, the expense and work are not. It's not big enough to swim in, the depth is only about 4 feet and it's 16 feet across, I'm sure the pipes for the pump are all but destroyed, there is no pump either, etc.. So we'll be filling it in, landscaping and planting and it will be beautiful. I washed down the spiral staircase yesterday, that needs to be re-blacked and the staples on the bottom need to be banged in - David had pulled the cat-pee soaked carpeting off of it - but the rest of the house is a short list and it's Done. Whew. We looked at the free-standing air conditioners at BJ's today and that might be the way we will be going. The lower part of the house stays cool year around so that's not an issue but the upper part is like being dropped into the depths of hell come August. Except for the bedroom the windows all slide across so they aren't the type you can put a window unit into and central air would be VERY expensive. But I already told the other half I am NOT spending this summer holed up in the bedroom again with the  tiny air conditioner with the dog and cats jockeying for position. We sold the other house this winter so are no longer in financial straits - we just have to figure out which one we need. Before summer!

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Sinéad said...

Glad to see the snow is finally gone! You've lots of plans and ideas to think about there, you'll be busy!