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Friday, April 22, 2011

I am This Far From Being Officially Halfway There. If I'm Living To 100

 This first picture is Vincent - we play this silly game EVERY morning. Without fail. I have a feather I keep in the bathroom which I wiggle under the door. Vincent swats it like his life depends on it - he actually waits outside of the bathroom for me to finish my shower and get dressed so he can hone his Feather Whacking Skills. Like a ninja. Yee ha. Anyhoo, not sure if everyone is aware of it, but at some point next week I will officially become Older Than Dirt. I will start sliding towards the Other Side gaining speed year by year. Yes, I will be 50. I did get my first AARP thingie in the mail, I don't think it's actual card, it looks like an auto insurance offer. I already have that so I will wait for something better to come along . Pearl, in honor of my birthday has decided to go into heat, what a pain. I think we will be getting her fixed this year, we talk about breeding her but the idea of that seems to be the only thing that happen.  Other than that it's just super annoying - strange dogs that are below her show up, she acts base, it's very upsetting to those of us with some sort of morals. In Knitting News I'm almost done with the back of the sweater - I love the color, the love the pattern but it might be a bit long. Oh well. That's life, things don't always turn out the way you think they will.


Chucky said...

Ha! Join the club. I'm so old that I can actually remember when water came from taps & faucets!

It's really not so bad. You can do stupid and foolish things and have an excuse to do so.

Happy Earth Day today and Happy Birthday next week!

Sinéad said...

Happy almost birthday! I truly believe age is just a number. Yo're as old as you feel. Love the game with the feather, looks like great fun!