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Monday, December 5, 2011

About Halfway There.

It's coming along a little faster than I thought it would - not perfect of course. If you want perfect go to Macy's and buy one for heaven's sake. I knew I had to keep switching the needles to a larger size as I knit along but I keep forgetting. So every time I think of it I switch the needles, no rhyme or reason but whatever - feel free to refer to my previous comment about being perfect. I knit for the joy of it and when it's done I usually give it away. I am super loving my new bookcases with the storage area behind it, it's the first time in my whole life I've had a real spot for my knitting collection. I've been busily moving all my needles and bags there too so eventually all of my knitting stuff will be in one place. David finishing the kitchen, the closets in the upstairs bedroom and the garage doors are coming Wednesday - then we are taking a break til spring. The list has gotten much smaller and only has a couple major things left on it.  We decorated the outside for Christmas, well, David did and I watched. He felt obligated because everyone else has their stuff up. The tree will be in a couple more weeks and hopefully we can locate the decorations. I think they're here somewhere - even though this is a much smaller house we have tons of storage so it could be anywhere. We've been condensing our stuff, it was scattered all over and most of the bins were less than half full. I've gone through most of them and managed to get rid of about a half dozen, Over the winter I want to organize the basement, we have most of our exercise stuff down there but it's here and there. And there. And some over there. You get the idea. But given that we've only been here since July I think we've done pretty good so far

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Sinéad said...

"If you want perfect go to Macy's and buy one for heaven's sake." Couldn't agree more! I always say handmade is bettermade, mistakes and all.
Not that yours looks like it has any mistakes, it's gorgeous!