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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Julia E Goes To Washington.

The new garage doors I've been going on about - don't they look great?
 Yes I did - Washington Pennsylvania that is. I am off call this weekend so we decided to to a run up there this week. David hit the Tractor Store first and bought his Christmas present, a martin house which he's been wanting since he saw it in their weekly ad. I did the Gabe's up there, I got two turtlenecks, 3 long sleeved shirts and a knee length cardigan - for $38. It just kills me that I can go to Jones Of NY in the mall and see the pants for $48 then go to Gabe's and get the same exact pants for $7.99. You just have hunt around more Then we went to Blooming Yarns - one of my favorite  yarn shops and I bought my Christmas present  while David sat in the truck. When I came in there was a husband parked on the couch they have snoozing away, apparently the excitement got to him. So I got my present - David spent more than he had planned, but I'm worth it, aren't I? Off to the natural food store - they sell Miracle Rice and Shitaki noodles - what's so great about that? NO CALORIES. That's what's so great - and I picked up some other odds and ends. David went to Loafers and got us both lunch, it was very good - but a little pricey - oh well. They do a great vegetarian sandwich and they make all of their own bread, you have no idea how good freshly made multigrain bread is until you have it. I could have run back in and bought 5 loaves but I was good and just horsed down my gourmet sandwich and secretly wished I could have another. I was so full I was ready to throw up but I still wanted another one.We swung by Sam's but it was super packed so we decided to go to the one in Morgantown which is only 15 miles out of our way. When you live here anything under 40 miles is right around the corner. As we stopped my phone rang and it was Jackson calling from Afghanistan so we sat and talked to him for quite awhile. Then off to Sam's Club finally and back home again. We still have to do Christmas shopping but these days that pretty much consists of gift cards - with the distance it's just too hard and really, after awhile you run out of things to buy. Not to mention all the REALLY great sales take place in January - David and I usually take off a day together and just go out to lunch and then shopping so I'm trying super hard not to buy anything.  I continue in Weight Watchers, if I can maintain my weight for 6 weeks I get to be a lifetime member - no dues! Of course I choose to do this over Christmas. Sigh. As usual, my timing is impeccable.
David also finished off most of the kitchen this week.

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