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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Still Having Fun

What a fun few days we've been having. On Wednesday I took Adam on the promised sightseeing mission. The first stop was the Golden Palace in Cameron WV - it's one of the main compounds of the Hare Krishas - it's in a tiny tiny town, 4 miles off the main road on a twisting, potholded road passing farms and trailers. All of the sudden you come around the corner and there it is! We took the tour - all two of us - apparently on a pouring rain day in December it's not a hot tourist spot. But the guy was a good sport and turned on the lights and gave the tour. After we went the 1/4 mile down the road to the main temple and compound -  and took tons of pictures including the 40 foot statues. It was nothing short of amazing. After that we headed off to Moundsville - the prison is closed for the season but we toured the indian mound and museum. We climbed the mound - it's about 70 feet high and you can see Ohio from the top! More pictures of course and then off to Triadelphia to do a little shopping and lunch. We had lunch at a mexican restaurant - I'm trying  to stay on my diet but  not making myself miserable. I am 4 pounds under my goal weight so I have a little leeway. Yesterday it was hiking in Coopers Rock out near Bruceton. I got my dog, backpack and off we went. The park is closed this time of year for the hunters but the one trail that goes to the look out is still open and Pearl wore her blaze orange harness so hunters would not mistake her for a small neurotic deer. We ended up doing about 6 miles and it turned out to be a perfect day for it - not too cold but not too warm. We passed rock formations, a lake and of course the overlook that Pearl is NOT allowed on - she would go hopping over the rail in a heartbeat. It would add a bit of drama to our walk but not in a good way. Today we finished up shopping and went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 - it was just as good as the first one and I had just popcorn a- a medium with just a tiny bit of butter - and a water. I'm making stew for Christmas Eve and we are going to try our luck at finding a restaurant tomorrow - we either end up somewhere great or in a diner -but it's been family tradition forever!

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