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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Visitor!

 Adam made it up to our house the other day - David and I were stressing about it a little of course. Adam just got this car of his about 6 months ago and this was his first big trip, but he did fine and got here in pretty good time. He used his GPS and I had sent him directions because our house does not show up - he chose to ignore this and ended up sitting overlooking a field of cows. When he called I said where are you? and he didn't know since the cows weren't that good with directions either. But he figured it out and he was actually only a mile or so from the house, he just needed to go a little further. We spent the day together yesterday in downtown Morgantown which is always  fun. There's all sorts of little funky stores and restaurants, we had breakfast at Maxwell's which caters to meat eaters and vegetarians, not bad. I also made him go to the yarn store with me and then he returned the favor by insisting I go to the college store where you can buy hemp shirts and Grateful Dead stuff. After a full day of wandering we headed home  and stopped at a farm so I could take pictures of sheep, then off to meet David and then back out to dinner. I'm trying so hard to be good because I have 3 more weeks to go in Weight Watchers to make Lifetime member so I eat and then work out forever.So I had the diet dinner and the big piece of cake - all a balancing act.  Pearl as you can see is having a grand time performing her hostessing duties, she darts up and down the stairs at night to make sure the guest doesn't need anything or isn't lonely for a dog. They are going off to see Ray today since I have to work for the next two days,then I'm off until Adam leaves which I'm looking forward to. We might hike Cooper's Rock if it the weather isn't too bad or I might take him to go sight seeing. We'll have to see.

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