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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Pearl feeling sad because Adam is unable to read.
 It seems like the past few years we've managed to have either one boy or the other home - last year was like a rare leap year that we had BOTH of them home at the same time. But Jackson remains in Afghanistan so maybe next year lightening will strike twice. It's been nice having Adam stationed in Norfolk - we've seen him THREE times in the past year, a record. I took off too - Adam arrived on Friday of last week,  it was his first long road trip so we were a bit nervous about it. He of course ignored the directions I had sent because our address does not show up on a GPS so he learned his lesson by having to sit next to a cow pasture until we could figure out where he was. But he made very good time with only a few stops along the way. I had to work until yesterday so on Sunday, he and David took off for NJ to go see Ray. Adam calls Ray on occasion and they keep in touch so he was eager to go see him. That's the one thing that's hard is being so far from Ray - but we've seen him more this year too so hopefully that will continue into the new year. Anyhoo - the past two days at work were a forced march of course -but I know it just feels like that since I was trying to get everything done before I left plus stuff five days into two. I got home last night about 7:30, they had gotten home about 5. They had a wonderful time with Ray, they went to the famous Macaroni Grill, the park and of course the The Stack House, Ray's big favorite. Adam and I are heading out to do some sightseeing this morning, or at least will be trying to. This time of year is a bit on the iffy side for tourist attractions but I'm glad to have someone to do some adventuring with. If not there's always shopping! I have Weight Watchers tonight too, I've been good since I only have I think 3 more weeks to make the Lifetime Member - wish me luck!
David, Adam and Ray

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