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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

I am (maybe) a third of the way done
 So, are we all tired of the phone saga? I certainly am. I had a few issues with my new Sprint phone - one morning I woke up to NO service at all - and since I was on call starting at 5 pm that threw me a bit into a panic! I called customer service and they managed to get it straightened out - I did warn them that earlier in the week my phone had been accidently disconnected so please no repeats of that! Later  I went to Sam's Club and the guys there showed me how to get the Internet on when I'm not in  Four G Land - I wish someone had told me when I started this adventure that it's possible to have cell service and not Internet - it would have saved me a big headache. Carolyn at work lent me her work phone for the weekend just in case so that helps - and as of this morning my Sprint phone is working better than the Verizon ever did - AND I can flip it over to Wi-Fi if I want to play on the Internet. Sweet! It snowed a couple of inches so we are just flopping around the house this morning, Pearl insisting on going out and messing around - she's a Husky at heart. The puppy will be here probably the end of March - I'm hoping after our anniversary as we might go to Ohio for the weekend. We will be married 30 years this year - isn't that crazy?? We've been hearing from Adam, he is done with the Navy this week, he's moving (to Virginia Beach) and he finally got a car. David is our go-to guy for big purchases - he surfed and called, researched, called and surfed some more sending Adam here and there - Adam ended up coming in UNDER 7 grand - his insurance is less, his payments are less. Good deal. Jackson is back in Kabul and back to work - he should be back over in the states in a few months. He's said the winter is miserable in Afghanistan and is hoping it will end soon. Work continues to be unsettled but we're making progress. It seems overwhelming and busy but I think that's because we have all sorts of meetings and re-dos on top of our everyday work - hopefully it will straighten itself out. I'm busy just doing the usual - I did find a new yarn shop on my way back from a meeting is Pittsburgh but it was CLOSED - who the hell closes their store on a frigging WEDNESDAY? Bastards. So I had to hop over to Blooming Yarns and console myself with a new set of sock needles in five different colors - they're pink, blue, yellow,etc - super love them! I've slowed down quite a bit on the Yarn Related Purchases, but I will never stop so don't even think about that. No really, stop thinking about it, not happening.
New Martinsville WV

Pearl and her beloved snow

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