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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taking A Break.

 You can't stay sad and frantic all the time. Well, you can I suppose but it would be hard to keep that up and it might even get a tad bit boring. So this morning when David went shooting with his friend I took off for Parts Unknown. Well, actually I took off for Parts Known But It Wasn't Open The Last Time I Was There.  I checked the times of this yarn shop, which is actually only 6 miles from Blooming Yarns - that I super love - it's only open for like 6 hours 3 days a week how dumb is that. AND you have to check the online schedule or call because it may or may not be open. But since I had no other plans off I went. I did find a Jo-Ann's fabric which was fun for poking around  while I waited (she was late!!) and then I did get to go to the shop. Ehh. The yarn was more expensive than it needed to be and there wasn't a whole lot of it. Like I said - Ehh.  I went to Blooming Yarns and bought some new shawl patterns and some yarn, whee. I'm also posting the sock needle set I bought last week, arent' they pretty?  I also stopped at Michael's - ehh. I am not a big Michael's fan but I do like to do a bit of poking just in case I missed something. After that I just headed home - it was a beautiful day today, wasn't it? Even Vincent the cat went out a couple of times, he's slowing down but still enjoys himself. Pearl did her usual patrol, scoping out for the neighbor's dog Max just in case he needs to be schooled. We're interested in her reaction to the puppy when we get it - I'm sure she'll enjoy the company and we're looking forward to someone occupying her time instead of us. I'm down to three (or four) names, Harlan is number one, then Bane, Bo or Boo. Aside from Harlan I'm stuck in the "B"s. Adam is in the process of moving, looking for a job - he's busy and stressed but will get over it. Jackson has been quiet, we see him on face book but that's about it. My new Sprint phone is working SUPER good - I even get Internet here in Hooterville.  The guy at Sam's Club showed me how to turn stuff off and on - I didn't realize if you're not in a 4G area you can simply turn it off and it can pick up 3G. Or you can turn on Wi-Fi and hook up to that. See, some things are going well - I just wish the bigger things would start flying right.

My new sock needles.

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