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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Getting there!

I'm actually pretty pleased with the way this coming out - it's right on the money - so far. I'm using my Knit Picks Interchangeable circular needle set with the nickel plated needles. The thing I like about them is you can use the connectors to put together a couple of cables so you have a circular big enough that it's not all bunched up. I know I have enough yarn and hopefully will not be knitting til the end of time on it. I made a copy of the pattern yesterday as I have tendency to  mash them, roll them, stuff them in the knitting bag so it's a mess part way through the project. David and I did our grocery shopping today, food has gotten so expensive, hasn't it? We spent a lot every 2 or 3 weeks, I don't eat any meat and David isn't a steak guy - but the fresh fruits and vegetables are killing us. We are very much going to be looking into a garden this summer! We went out for breakfast - that was half the morning, we got a late start and around here if you haven't gotten to the restaurant by ten you'll be standing in line! EVERYONE goes out Sunday morning, between the college students, church go-ers and the rest of us it's standing room only in most places. But we went to Eat N Park and managed to catch the tail end of the breakfast rush so we managed to have a nice meal. The temps dropped into the 20's this morning but the weather says it will be going back up this week - four more weeks and it's spring, can you believe that? I was reading Knit Inc and Sinaed was talking about her blog anniversary -- she's been going for four years. So I took a peek at my first entry - this June I'll have been writing my journal eight years! Sometimes I'll page through it - I'm amazed at all we've done the past ten years.

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Donna said...

I LOVE that gold color!