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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snarky Is As Snarky Does

 I've had a sore throat all day - my snot production has gone into overtime so I am hoping it's allergies and nothing more. I was not feeling overly hot all weekend, I have the most annoying of illnesses - I rarely get Desperately Ill. I just get sort of sick and lay around for a day, then I'm fine.But it's  a pain in the butt regardless (did you ever notice I never say irregardless? That's because it's not a word - regardless already means without regard, irregardless is just over kill) and generally happens at the most inopportune times.  Yesterday was fun but quiet, we went to Blooming Yarns and I got another skein of yarn and a new magazine, then we ate at Loafers my favorite place to eat. A family came in with 3 boys - all under ten but they were well behaved and actually pretty funny, reminded me of when our two were young like a million years ago.  We did grocery shopping - even though we don't buy a lot of meat we buy tons of fruits and vegetables, after we paid I was thinking there WILL be a garden this year. Our neighbor has already told David to pick a patch in the yard and he'll come turn the soil for us. After that we came home and took a little two hour nap - told you I was not feeling well.  I heard from Jackson today, he's tired of course, the base is on lock down due to the riots over the Quaran, the whole thing is horrible. He can't use the Internet to call so had to resort to two phones cards he got in a  package, it was nice to hear from him but a little disconcerting when the cards ran out and it was empty space all of the sudden. We'll be sending him some more cards in the next package from us.  We already sent the last one one - he asked if there would be pepperoni rolls again and I assured him there would be. Pepperoni rolls are a local food here - they're a roll stuffed with pepperoni and have the magical quality of never EVER going bad. EVER.  If nuclear winter hits and you happen to be hiding in  the  Pepperoni Roll factory - you'd been good for like a hundred years. We buy a big bag at Sam's Club, they sit in the cabinet for up to two weeks before I pack them, they go from pillar to post until they hit the sunny shores of Afghanistan - and they arrive just as fresh as the day there were made. Go figure. Adam is supposed to be here for an overnight visit and David's brother and sister in law are now thinking Tuesday. Maybe.

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