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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Once Upon A Signal......

I terminated my Verizon contract today - I actually felt bad as I've been a customer for  years. After 7
 phone calls and repeated  fixes I lost the browser again today and said enough.  The techs were nice, but I found that even though the place we bought it from said Verizon - it was not a corporate store so they couldn't exchange the phone. He also agreed there was no way for me to know that,the store is not obligated to disclose that fact  and I would still have to drive the 60 miles back to do any returns. He also couldn't tell me if it was the phone that was the problem or the service. No, they couldn't extend the 14 days I had to cancel the services. So the upshot of the conversation was although it was their fault, I am a longtime and good customer they were not willing to do anything to help me. So we had to drive the 60 miles back to Bridgeport, cancel the services and return the phone. The salesman was upset - I'm sure he loses a commission, Then he said something about the browser getting lost in the area with that phone (it's a common problem?) and wanted me to exchange it for a different one. He couldn't extend my time for contract cancellation, couldn't guarantee the phone and he would charge me $200 more for the replacement phone. And if it didn't work I would have to come back before next Saturday or I'd be stuck with a 2 year contract paying for Internet I couldn't access. So I now have a Sprint phone that was purchased at Sam's Club in town - I was telling the girl about my problem with the Internet and she said that happens all the time with Verizon because they don't have that much Internet coverage in the area, just in Pennsylvania. After all of this David and went to the Number One Chinese Buffet which is super good! and I LOVE it. Once a buffet girl, always a buffet girl. As you can see from the pictures I'm working on the shawl and it's going pretty fast. The pattern looks more complicated than it is - I'm really enjoying it. Next week is a lot of driving, New Martinsville, Pittsburgh, who knows what else. I'm hopefully taking Pearl out to the park to go walking with a friend and her dogs who are Pearl's Dog Friends. The puppy will be here in late March, David has been super busy, he's working on one big project and is giving estimates for another one. Our 30th anniversary is this year too - amazing.

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