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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star

 I have lost over 35 pounds. Good for me. But I have noticed lately that since my face has gotten thinner, well, it's a bit saggy without all that fat holding up and out. I never thought it would bother me - being 50 doesn't given the amount of times I mention it. I actually enjoy being in my 50's, it makes me feel more settled. But this new wrinkle so to speak - makes me wonder if I am that vain or it's just a sudden shock. Because it seems like I pruned up over night - I have those dreaded marionette lines along the side of my nose, my chin has deep grooves that were not there six months ago. I actually bought  some anti-wrinkle cream we'll see what happens. I think the cream will not work and I'll simply get used to the way I look - it might not be as glaring as I think it is. We'll go with that. In other news our puppy will be ready to go around St. Patrick's day, we are still struggling with a name. The latest is Basil St. John. If you are my age and you're from NY apparently (so far NO ONE in West Virginia has any idea who Basil St John is) you know that Basil St. John was Brenda Starr's mysterious boyfriend who would appear and disappear throughout the series. He had black hair was very good looking and had an eye patch. He was the boyfriend you wished you had. Harlan and Bane are really the other contenders. Our plans for the weekend are still up in the air, David's brother and sister in law are supposed to make an appearance at some point, Adam is supposed to do a drive by - no one or everyone will show up. Work is super busy - that is still stewing and mulling, mulling and stewing - the usual with me. I'm on the next chart with my shawl, that's moving right along and I love the pattern - socks will be the next project though. I need something small and simple, I am going to attempt the cable method of two at a time.  Wish me luck.

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