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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Black Hole

 I did a little experiment yesterday on the way home - I put on You Tube on my phone and just let it play when I got off the highway because I wanted to see where the Internet cuts out. We live about 10 miles off the main drag so I was surprised when it kept singing.  A half mile from my house I hit the Bermuda Triangle of southwestern Pennsylvania. So if I lived in Gerard's Fort proper - which boasts a shed sized post office and a cemetery, I would believe it or not, have 4 G network. But here, Nada. Zipp. O. My cell phone service is a bit sketchy but it works - and really , if I want to play on my phone I can just flip it over to wireless and it works just fine so I can play Words With Friends on it and stuff.  Things are going pretty good with the puppy, we have been crating him because there's just too much for him to get into while we're not home but we are going to start leaving him in the kitchen. With our schedules he's in the kennel for close to 14 hours a day between work and sleeping . Pearl has decided she does like a Partner In Crime and as the days pass she plays with him more and more. I'm on call this week and the weekend was Mis-er-A-bull! The phone rang constantly all day Saturday and into Sunday, it was never ending. And then it was Monday.  The weather was beautiful and warm, then the temp dropped - but I looked at the weather and the next week forecast doesn't look too bad and hopefully it won't kill our flowers. Because the former owner was big into flowers our yard is erupting all over the place with all sorts of flowers, trees, bushes, etc..... and I did start my garden. So far I've done four rows and this weekend I'll start planting the seeds. David will have to get a fence up to keep the stupid deer out - they can find their own freaking food thank you very much. We hear from Jackson on occasion, we had a little issue as he has to use phone cards now because of the situation over in Kabbul but everyone thinks it's a telemarketer calling because of the number. He complained that Aunt Janet and Aunt Diane were not answering the phone and I asked if he'd left a message - he did and they picked up. I guess I should go and corral the wild dogs racing round the living room - it's hilarious but a wee bit annoying. Maybe more than a wee bit since they insist on doing it right next to my chair.

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