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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Lull In The Waters

 I'm feeling a little bit better - not quite as drippy and snuffly - still coughing but not so breathless. I have an appointment for a physical in a couple of weeks. Since I was there I went ahead and made the appointment - with the doctor I had before we left. There's a lot of good doctors there and mine is semi-retired - but I like him a lot and he's good. We had a nice quiet weekend - I was too sick to have any other kind of weekend but that's beside the point - but it was fun. I spent Saturday in the yard with Pearl and Sunday we did a little shopping and then back home. I ate too much this week, and yes I did - the scale was busy telling me that little fact this morning. I've been very good up until now with keeping track but between the house guests, being sick and honestly just feeling like eating whatever  I wanted - I let loose and now will have to work twice as hard to get it off. It's not a huge amount and I think if you take care of the weight before it's out of control it's OK to once in awhile just do what you like. I haven't been able to exercise too much this past two weeks either - this morning I made myself get started before I talked myself out of it. How easy it is to just let it go one day, then another - then back to square one. In Shawl News I'm on to Chart F, then just chart G (twice) , the edge and then I'm done. I am definitely doing socks next - I've got the yarn and the pattern, then who knows! Hat, sweater, Afghan, maybe another pair of socks. I was going to try the two at a time socks but that will have to wait as I've bought about 8 sets of DPNs and it would be silly not  use them.

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