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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunshine Day

 Pearl had a play date today with her friends Sophie  and Libby - I of course went along because, well, Pearl's driving skills are a bit lacking. We do love walking with Charlene and her dogs - it was fun except when Bear the hyper lab showed up. I know his name was Bear because we could hear his owner whistling and yelling in the distance. He was exceedingly rude and boisterous, the ladies did not enjoy his visit at all. I wondered about his owner - Bear didn't respond to being called at all which made me wonder why someone would let him off the leash in the first place. Pearl goes off the leash now but she also has her electric collar on and she comes back when I call her - I would be leery to let her off otherwise since the "small" parks can cover hundreds - or even thousands - of acres of wilderness. But otherwise Charlene and I walked and chatted - then let the dogs play in a field for awhile. The weather is beautiful today, in the 60's and sunny. I have to get my garden up and running soon - I'm still deciding what I'm planting. David will have to invite the neighbors for next weekend for dinner as they had company all weekend. It will work out a little better anyhow as I'm taking a couple of vacation days in anticipation of my 30th anniversary and the new puppy will be here!! David and Tommy are going to get him this coming weekend - David says it will serve Pearl right for harassing us all these years. We're most likely going to name him Blaze (Or Bogart. Or Harlan.......). So it should be an eventful weekend. In other news we completely forgot about Daylight Savings Time so were surprised this morning, nothing out of the ordinary -we're surprised every year. We did our shopping yesterday and I showed off my shawl at Blooming Yarns - then bought another skein to sneak into the house. Bwa. Ha. Ha.

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