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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Lot Of Water Under This Bridge

David and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary today - can you believe it? That's how long it takes people to pay off their mortgage! Saturn has made ONE orbit around the earth the entire time I've been married. If you threw out a pair nylons on my wedding day it would just be decomposing.  We have raised two children, lost all our money, got it back, moved 6 (7?) times, had 5 Vizslas, numerous cats, 2 snakes, 1 iguana and a skink. We've owned more cars than I care to remember and we've fished, baked, cleaned, delivered newspapers, done construction, worked in a hospital between the two of us. We've fought, made up and fought again. We've defended each other even if sometimes we weren't right and would have been friends had we not gotten married. It has been fun, sometimes too interesting and now we have to shoot for 50. As far as celebrating, We didn't do a whole lot of course, I took the day off from work, we went to the yarn shop and then out to an early dinner. I got the Knitters Pride rosewood interchangeable needles which I've admiring from afar.  We really don't need anything at this point in time and that was the only thing I wanted - David is still thinking about it and will most likely sneaky buy a gun. Reuben the puppy went in the kennel and did fine - he's really a good dog.  He's only had a couple of accidents and doesn't seem to mind the kennel.  We've decided to kennel this dog because it's just not safe to leave him the run of the house while we're out. We had the neighbors over for dinner last night - finally! - I had made a beef stew with biscuits to celebrate the last day of winter. Funny isn't it, we didn't really have much of a winter this year. I think it snowed a total of 4 inches and yesterday I made my stew it was with the windows open and the ceiling fans spinning. It was almost 80 degrees!! So we had a nice dinner - and it wasn't overly hot in the kitchen. This weekend I am going to start planting my garden - Hazel and John said no watering is needed. Hazel said if you water all the time the plants won't put down good roots. I am still deciding what to plant and David  has to put a fence up around it. I've had a nice couple of days off - you couldn't ask for better weather could you? We are taking out the summer clothes this weekend too, we're at the point where we randomly root through the boxes looking for something to wear, soon ALL of the clothes will be out so I am planning on swapping them out this weekend and being done with it. The nice thing about the attic in this house is it's ON the second floor - you just open the door and walk in so it's not like you need to pull out a ladder and root around. I'm on call this week so plan on staying home this weekend -but between the new knitting needles, the puppy, the garden and having to put out my summer clothes I don't think I'll run out of things to do.

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