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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rolling Right Along

 My car has been in the shop since Wednesday - we dropped it off after work as it has no wheel bearings left, the rotors need something rotor-ie and the brakes have to be talked to and straightened out. David drove me to and from on Thursday - then I had a rental car - it was a GMC something. The only interesting feature  was if you went in reverse a little video screen appeared that showed you a TV screen of what you were backing into. I kept thinking it would be VERY cool for it to play all the time you were driving - you could see the road disappearing as you drove. But then I also realized I would be mesmerized by something like that and would cheerfully drive off a cliff watching the road  play out behind the car, doing an inadvertent Thelma and Louise moment -but without a Louise. The car was supposed to be ready by today but now the dealership is hoping it will be done by tomorrow (hoping?? are we wishing on stars?). I'm upset as I have a busy week so I made a Pathetic Nurse Call in which I told them I had to see CHILDREN  next week and I would hate to upset their parents - the best I could do on short notice. It was not worthy of an Oscar but I would have gotten a nomination.  I was going to have the neighbors over for dinner Sunday but I have to go over and see what their plans are as I think they have company. I have to thank John - he somehow snuck over this week (with a tractor no less!)  and finished my garden plot - it's ready to go, I just have to decide what I'm planting. I think part of it will be devoted to flowers and the rest vegetables. The weather has been spectacular - hasn't it? Vincent the cat has been feeling better and goes out to harass the wide life. Connie and Fred did a drive by this week - they had been in Florida and stopped at Fred's grandson Carl's house to see him and his family. They stopped at our house next and stayed overnight, then back to Hampton Bays. It was a brief but nice visit - of course I would have enjoyed it more if i wasn't  STILL sick. I finished my antibiotic but it seems when I get over one thing - my nose is not running half as bad - something else starts - my chest is all congested - well, at least it's not a boring illness!

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