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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy Busy Week.

Lap sitting
 I haven't posted all this week - we have just been super busy. I was out til after 7 pm every night this week - almost all work related. I am still doing well at Weight Watchers, my weight goes up and down a couple of pounds but it's under control. I did get my car back after being The Sad And Somewhat Disappointed Nurse on Saturday after all and $600 later. I took Monday and Tuesday off this week - Tuesday is our 30th anniversary and everyone keeps asking what we're doing. As you can see from the pictures we finally added a new dog to the family - 8 week old Reuben so we will not be doing much. David and his friend Tommy rode out to Columbus Ohio on Saturday  to get him, they left at 6 am and returned about 3pm - poor Reuben threw up on the way home but recovered. After auditioning name after name David just threw out Reuben - and it suits him well, doesn't it? Pearl is not overly sure of him but is getting a little bit better about him and his Attention Stealing Ways. It's a temporary situation,  he will only be a little guy for a short period of time and then will fit back in the Hoi - Poli. We're having our neighbors over for dinner tomorrow  - they're same ones that plowed my garden for me. So since I have a couple of days off and we have a new puppy we thought it would be fun to have them over. I had my physical this week finally - the doctor said I was perfect!! My blood pressure is fine, my weight is right on target - I'll take it. I went for standard blood work this morning - I have great veins (which seem to delight every phlebotomy's I've ever run into) so it was a 3 second visit and then back home. We have to finish cleaning the house, I'm on the last part of the last repeat for my shawl and then it's going to be socks for awhile. We heard from Jackson - he's fine and counting the days. We've been worried lately because of all the unrest over there but at least he's on the base. I'm working on my garden and reading, I am still in love with my Kobo. I know a lot of people don't have that brand of ereader, but I really really like it still. I signed up for the weekly email and wish I had done it sooner because they have ecoupons - who would have known?  So things are rolling along as you can see, I am just waiting for the next dip on my own personal roller coaster of a life.
Potential for trouble

Gearing up

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