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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did You Hear A Frog??

 I hate when you know you're doing something wrong - but not what you're doing wrong. Until it's too late of course. I knew there was something wrong with the heel even though I'd followed the directions so I stopped and reread - that was when I found the big mistake which is why  the heel was not fixable. I frogged it back to the leg portion but by then it was a lost cause because the cable had un-cabled and it was impossible to pick up the knit and purl stitches accurately. So I just bit the bullet and frogged the whole mess. It's not that big of a deal, socks go pretty fast and the second time around you have the pattern down pat already. I really hate taking it apart after putting all that work into it, but there's no point in finishing a sock that will be weird and uncomfortable. And then you have to produce two weird socks to boot.  Anyhow, we did the weekly shopping yesterday - we're bringing the expenses down. We only go shopping once a week now so no more trips "just for a gallon of milk" - very few people actually walk out with just milk, we usually end up with a couple of bags of things we didn't know we needed. We're buying more store brands, Walmart surprisingly has the best in house brands so far - and a large number of them are either identical to their brand name counterparts or better. Their no fat cottage cheese is not only lower in sodium, it's actually lower in calories. The coffee creamer comes in the same varieties, but it's half the price. It's not that we're having money issues but gas and groceries have gotten so expensive we're cutting corners where ever we can.  The new vet is working out well too - much closer and much less expensive - Pearl went for her visit yesterday and was busy amusing the office with her antics. She jumped up on the examining table from the floor landing perfectly, then got up on her hind legs and wrapped her paws around David's neck, peering at the vet from over his shoulder. David said the vet asked if he minded and he said no, so Pearl stayed like that for her shots and blood work. They clipped her nails and cleaned her ears, shots, blood work, pills etc for under $175, not bad. The weather has turned cool which sucks because I was out in my garden - and some stuff is coming up!! And it's not weeds! Our yard is blooming away, we have huge flower beds appearing - they're just beautiful. Reuben has discovered the tiger lily bed and enjoys bouncing around in there so we're putting up a fence so hopefully there will be a few survivors i the spring.

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Sinéad said...

Ouch! I feel your frogging pain. I hate having to start again. It's a nice pattern though!