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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Few More Days To Go!

 Yesterday pretty much sucked. A lot.  First off, it was raining which was not the sucky part - the sucky part was Reuben, the Not So New Puppy is apparently a bit of a pansy. He does not like it cold or wet, or damp, etc.. and refuses to go outside to do his business. The problem is that according to the laws of nature Reuben is physically required to poop his weight every 10 minutes, what's a boy to do? Sneaky poop and run of course (like we can't figure out who did that....). I took him out. He ran in. I got my coffee and sat down. There was the smell of poo due to the poo pile by my chair. Reuben was sitting on the couch looking surprised about the whole thing. I gave him a talking to and took him out again. He ran in. Someone peed in the computer room and he swore it wasn't him since he was once again on the couch. He also sneaky pooed on the stairs which I don't even want to talk about. Today the rain stopped and amazingly he is housebroken again. Hmm. Also yesterday  - just in case I wasn't having enough fun already - on the way home too late I saw the hard plastic gas container in the road which quite naturally, I managed to go right over where it got stuck between my two tires.I pulled over and saw it was jammed up tight against the undercarriage - no way to get it out no matter how I tugged and pulled. And got covered in gas and dirt.  Amusingly not one police car went by - they were all busy hiding between trees and exits for speeders.I called David and he came and got it out - I had a headache form the fumes I was emitting and quick stripped off everything to wash  when I got home, I just reeked! I have Weight Watchers tomorrow, I am now going once a month. I've gained a couple pounds back but nothing to write home about. I'm trying to be super good this week because it is my birthday this weekend. And I will no longer be 50 - I will be IN my 50's. We'll also be celebrating ending our first year here, can you believe it?  50 has been an awesome year - there were some down things but for the most part it's been good. I hope the other nine years can live up to it!

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Sinéad said...

Oh no, secret pooping! Ick, I don't like the idea of discovering one of those "presents"!
That sucks about your car, it's lucky you didn't have an accident.