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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Almost Easter To My Peeps.

 And I had a heck of a time today finding peeps. Word to the wise - looking for Easter peeps the day before the big event is not a good plan - we were out and about today to do some shopping with the idea I would be able to get my peeps anywhere. We have not been out in over a month just shopping  - I've been talking about how we've been cutting back on buying stuff just to buy it  but  it's good to do it once in awhile - just not all the time. SO I went to Bloomin Yarns first - today was the 5th anniversary so everything was on sale.  I also brought the  shawl up with me as the owner had asked me to bring it in when I finished - and yes, I'm very proud of this one. The shop took my picture for the blog and I got 20 - 30% off everything. Then we did Gabe's - they had some Easter candy, no peeps. Sam's for grocery - no peeps. We stopped in Carmichael's and I went to the Dollar Store - they HAD to have Peeps - nope. Save - A - Lot - nothing. I made one last desperate attempt and went to the Medicine Mine on the other side of the road - SCORE! I ate a whole box on the way home, Easter Peeps are here once a year and I only have a couple of days to eat them.  Even though I've been very good at Weight Watchers I decided I am just going to enjoy the holiday without worrying about it so its jelly beans, peeps and candy to go. We had lunch at Loafers today too, we had the special - egg salad sandwiches and a oatmeal raisin cookie.  When we got home everyone had to go OUT - Reuben has been doing well in the housebreaking department, he has an accident every other day but nothing to write home about - I am so glad we decided to invest in a steam cleaner when we invested in the puppy!!  He had us up at 2:30am this morning, I must not have closed the latch on his kennel right and at 2:30am he appeared on my side of the bed crying and poking me with his paw. David took him out and then we were done - he was hysterically excited to be up, he wanted to David put the coffee on. I love puppies - they're so cute and snugly, they do wonderfully cute things - but there is  alot to be said for the older dog. Who stays in bed as long as you do.

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