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Sunday, April 1, 2012

On The Main Stretch

I'm about halfway done with the edge to the shawl, it's very slow going however, for every 2 stitches I bind off I have to knit 6 rows.  There are 640 live stitches along the edge - you do the math.  The other thing that is slowing me down is The Two Rotten Dogs. As you can see from the last picture we have a lot of shenanigans going on here - Pearl has discovered a playmate with boundless energy. The point of getting another dog was so they can occupy and entertain each other. What has happened is I now have two dogs following me around, they play with each other but wish to do it right next to me. My coffee is rocking, my laptop in danger as they roll, flail and race around my chair.  But they are fun and I'm glad we did it - Pearl cries and whines a lot less these days and Reuben is a good puppy. We took him to his first vet appointment for shots, poor Reuben did not do well on the car ride and barfed in the parking lot. There was Schnauzer that wanted a piece of him, he got shots - it was not a fun day for him. But he survived.We did the grocery shopping yesterday - no bookstore, no yarn shop. But when I got home I did buy some books off of Kobo that I had seen at Sam's Club - but I never said I would not ever buy another book and I only got the ones I intended to, not a bunch of magazines, etc. I use my ereader daily and I have to buy full sets of books, I love trilogy and series, the great thing about an ereader is you can buy the whole thing in one fowl swoop - is it "fowl swoop" like a chicken hawk or is it is "foul swoop" like you did something underhanded? Hmm. Never actually thought about that, did you This morning was the Big Day,  David had to keep an eye on Frick and Frack  this morning so I could plant my garden - even with 20 packets of seeds I still didn't have enough to plant the whole thing!! It took a good chunk of the morning, I did the whole thing in one shot (I've been making the rows all week) - it's supposed to rain tonight so I thought it would be a perfect time.  Neighbors said not to water the garden or I won't get good roots and considering the farmer next door doesn't water his fields that does make sense. I have to get a mammogram tomorrow that I got signed up for during my physical. I personally don't like to go looking for trouble but my MD is not of the same ilk, so off I go. When the assistant was signing me up for it she asked if I had breast implants who completely cracked me up - I told if I did I wanted my money back!

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