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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pittsburgh - It Was Okay.

 I was in Pittsburgh the other day - it was for more vent training and to go over AGAIN the MHMR paperwork. I will not bore you with the details of my job but since we all know I am in health care it means I'm slave to Xerox The Killer Of Trees and other Sundry Figures. A lot of our clients have funding through state programs and the one I am focusing on right now is the Hokey Pokey Of Paperwork - and one misstep and your out. ACCK! I drove up with the other manager from Uniontown Robin who has been in our establishment for a whole two weeks - she about my age, she KNITS and is very funny and friendly. We were up there all day and on the way back I had found a yarn shop near the main office of Interim. Two things went wrong - we were yakking and missed our exit and it was rush hour. This began a good hour of doing the Hokey Pokey through Pittsburgh where we circled about about deranged seagulls. The drivers in Pittsburgh tend to mean and surly and if you get in the wrong lane you're sucking wind but we needed to get into the next lane and I had given up hope when - I kid you not - Robin started knocking on her window to get the other driver's attention and I guess he was so amused - he let us in. We continued to sit in traffic until we came up with a game plan that we would eventually take turns driving and crying as you can't do both at the same time. THEN we got stuck in a tunnel. THEN when we finally got out my phone started going crazy - it was the Office. So  I weaved and made calls while Robin pointed out the exits - we do make a good team - don't we? I was glad to get home to David, the dogs and pizza. We're having a little problem with the sleeping arrangements lately - Pearl-een has always slept with us - I know I know - it's disgusting, unsanitary, yada yada yada - life itself is unsanitary, get a grip for heaven's sake. And since Vincent has made his Amazing Recovery he's back to sleeping either tucked up against me or on my pillow looking for Potential Targets out the window. I did say that we have stopped kenneling Reuben at night about a week ago  - he certainly is not going to be excluded  so every night it's like sleeping in a refugee camp. I figure once he gets older they MAY opt to sleep on the couch, we hope. David finally abandoned ship last night - it was super warm and we haven't broken out the AC yet, so he got the guest room and the rest of us slept upstairs. David is thinking about going to a king size bed or we might have to just sneak down to the guest room when they pass out - David may be king of the castle but this place is certainly going to the dogs!

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