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Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Week.

 Glad it's the weekend - work was super busy - but more settled - I got some things resolved and other things are in the pipeline. My charts got looked at and they were not half as bad as I had feared, they need some tightening up but not the major disaster I had envisioned. David said I always think I'm in trouble because if I do that, it will magically keep the bad stuff away. That I can never think well of myself or I did a good job - he's right and it will never change so there's no point in dwelling on it, is there? On the home front we did the grocery shopping and did some other shopping too - we are still cutting back but that doesn't mean we won't go shopping. And we still continue to spend less - I've much reduced my shopping during the week and when we do go - it's for what we need. I no longer go into stores between patients, if I have a little time I either do paperwork or play on my phone in a parking lot - not as much fun but I come home with no crap I didn't need in the first place. Pearl and Reuben are busy flailing around the living room - he's growing at an unbelievable rate and will soon be close to her size. We were going to try and leave him loose during the day but are putting it off for now - David is working close enough that he can come home at lunch time and he's in the Destroyer Phase (Reuben, not David!) so it's the box for now. Pearl enjoys playing with him - it's really done her good to have another dog in the house. I started knitting a pair of socks the other day - the first try got frogged. The pattern called for a 2.75 needle but I knew it was going to be too big - it was so rip it rip it rip it. I downsized to a 2.25 and it's rolling along just fine. I have to go to Pittsburgh next week so I'm thinking of swapping out to my Coach bag - it's not my favorite but I can sneak my sock knitting bag in it.

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