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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Law Of Murphy Strikes Again.

Well, I did finally break down and took out my summer clothes. I spent an evening a couple of days ago trying on clothes, sorting, throwing out and a donate pile. I ended going to Gabe's for new shorts as I had said previously. And exactly what I said would happen did - the temps have dropped into the upper 50's low 60's and the rain clouds have been crowding overhead for days. I knew it would happen and I did it anyway - but there was no point in putting off the inevitable.  The mud is approaching horrific, my yard shoes are heavy with it, the floor is covered with it - when I get home I race up the stairs to change out of my good clothes to the yard clothes before the dogs see me - it's like a Muddy Paw Festival if I don't beat them up the stairs. My garden is overrun with weeds and mud - I guess it's a little more entertaining than just weeds. Whee. I went to Weight Watchers the other night - since I met my goal I don't go every week but to maintain my membership I have to weighed at least once a month. I've managed to maintain my weight but there are weeks when it's really hard. But I find if I know I have a meeting to go to it makes me keep it in check. I hate getting frowned at! Speaking of weights Reuben went to the vet's the other day - he now weighs a grand total of 29 lbs, he got his shots and microchip - he has a return visit in a couple of weeks. In knitting news I finished the heel and am working on the foot - a few inches from the toe. It/s been slow going this week because I've either been too tired or too busy to finish. I am off of call as of today, a week off and then a week on, then off of for awhile. The two new managers will be in the rotation which will be nice. I'm looking forward to a little quiet this weekend. Next weekend is the annual Sheep and Fiber Festival in Waynesburg - I'm on call but that's OK - I'll just take the beeper and make the best of it.

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