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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weight Watchers - How It's Going.

 I did not go to Weight Watchers tonight   - first off I only have to weigh in once a month to maintain my membership and also that cortisone shot I got for my poison ivy has made me gain a lot of fluid. I also took Ibuprofen which makes me gain fluid so in the interest in not setting off the Fat Alarms I will have to hold off until next week. The shot worked by the way - my hand especially feels much better and all the swelling is gone. Anyhow - I have managed to maintain my weight for months which is happy for me, I usually get down to my ideal weight and then it comes creeping back. The reason for that happening is because I get done with my diet and I think that's it! I'm safe! And I go about my business, Dairy Queen, Domino's, Little Debbie.  I feel like I deserve to eat what I want. Then it's a pound back, two. I am going to keep up with the meetings because I've noticed that if I know I have a weigh in coming I am extra careful about what I eat and how much I exercise. Does it make me mad? Sure does. Do I feel like I deserve to eat what I want when I want to? Yep.  But I know that  is not possible and if I want to continue wearing my snappy new clothes I need to behave. I do get to eat things I like - I ate a giant chocolate chip cookie yesterday, I eat pizza and cheesy bread every Friday - I just have to continue to realize I can't do that all the time. And most of it is nothing more than a bad habit - coming in and just eating to eat. So I'm hoping I can continue to maintain my weight and wear the above mentioned snappy clothes. Enough of that. I called off yesterday due to the poison ivy stuff - I have to say I have never had it this bad. My right hand was the worst, so swollen it was tingling and I could hardly bend my fingers. Forget sleep! It felt like a million ants underneath, if I could have pulled my skin off whole I would have. So I bit the bullet and saw the doctor. He saw me and suggested a shot which I agreed to - then found out it was a butt shot. I had a moment of Childish Refusal (in my head) but the idea of continuing to have this insane itching made me decide there are worse things. It worked great - by the afternoon the swelling to my hand was reduced, the itching now mild.  My hand looks horrific - due to all the blisters and swelling I have deep red - purplish in spots patches but it looks way worse than it is and hopefully will heal up soon.

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