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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out Of Condition

When we bought this house it came with a slightly asthmatic old air conditioner - it's not the best but did the job. We were only occupying a small part of the house while David finished the renovations and slept in the guest room for the first four months. By the time we moved upstairs the weather had cooled - no issue no problem. But of course all good things must come to an end  So the weather has zipped into the Hades the past couple of days and our cozy bedroom has turned into a Den of Inequity so we had to make A Decision. We got an estimate last year for central - over two grand which I suppose but since we don't use the whole house we end up closing off parts of the house - and it's a small house. We have two small air conditioners for the downstairs so we bought one of those freestanding floor ones for the upstairs. We'll see but it seems to be working pretty good so far. I am back on the exercise track too (see how that ties in with the "conditioning" theme..........) - I have gained a couple of pounds back which is not a huge deal - I was 8 lbs under my Weight Watchers goal so I have room to play- BUT as I said before I started I can lose 25 pounds, I've done it before. It's keeping it off that is my personal bug-a-boo. I gain a pound - and I say no big deal. Another, I'll lose it next weekend. The next thing I know I'm squeezing into a size fourteen and being glad it's not a sixteen. So I fired up the Hulu last week - did you know they also have exercise shows? - and am now getting in my half an hour to forty five minutes a day.  I know I go on about Hulu (and my ereader) but if you do a treadmill, exercise bike etc... you can just put your laptop on a shelf and catch up on your TV shows. David is thinking about joining a local gym - but we have to review the definition of "local" - hopefully UNDER 30 miles1

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