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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sheep, Poison Ivy and Yarn.

 It's been sort of an up and down week - I'm back on call again. Due to all the shenanigans with people on vacation, etc... I somehow ended up on call twice this month. The first night on call we had An Incident of course which took hours - last night mediocre calls but there were half a dozen, the last one at 1 am. David took the dogs out this morning and put up the gate so I slept in - or at least what passes for sleeping in in my world. My currently being covered in Poison Ivy isn't helping either, what I took for odd looking weeds turns out to be juvenile poison ivy and I am quite covered. My hands are a mess, my right hand is swollen, I have it up my neck and down my face, on my back and on my front - it feels like my skin could crawl off at times. If it doesn't get better soon I'll be heading off to the doctor's. In happier news I made it to the Sheep and Fiber festival, my shawls are on display and I got FOUR skeins of new wool!!  David went with me the first day - I had a funnel cake which is super not good for you but is super good of course. What's not to like about deep fried batter covered in powdered sugar? David got strawberry short cake and we did some sheep-peeping, yarn yearning and dog watching. They had a show of border collies herding sheep and ducks - the ducks were very badly behaved as they tend to be. The dog did her best but the ducks were having none of it. Oh well, better luck next time. I got wine glasses with hand painted sheep on them, David got wine and I got one skein of lace weight alpaca yarn while scoping out the rest of what was on display - and Wow! there was lots on display. David went shooting today and I went back and got the rest of what I had planned on buying. I just can't buy it in front of the Yarn Hater, he goes on and on, it is very annoying. I also wanted to see if my shawls made it to the fiber arts contest. When we got there yesterday nothing was there - apparently Peggy who never answers her phone also tends to be late. They had been calling her with no response - big surprise there. But my shawls did make it there and I think one won a minor ribbon, OK for the first time out of the box. So I continue to work on the second sock, a bit slow going this week due to the poison ivy, but I am soldiering on. Speaking of soldiers, Jackson is finishing his tour of Afghanistan, which we are very relieved about -we're very proud of him volunteering to serve - but I'll be glad when he's back in the US.

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Sinéad said...

Mmm funnel cake. I had my first taste of it last year when I went to a BBQ festival when on vacation in Florida. Not as exciting as a sheep 7 wool festival though! *sigh* I'd love to go to one. Sadly, there are none here, even though we seem to be surrounded by sheep :)
Hope your poison ivy clears up soon, sounds nasty.