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Thursday, May 31, 2012

All Sorts Of Stuff

 I'm done with the heel on the second sock and am part way through the foot - done by the weekend. I have a recipient in mind, I hope she enjoys them. Things here have been continuing in an up and down way - I had my car inspected today and the only thing it needed was windshield wipers. I got weighed in at weight watchers and gained 5 lbs  (I leaned over and asked the woman next to me if she thought I would get a star for that one!) - but I'm not upset. It's due to the steroid shot I got for the poison ivy and I'd already started losing it. We acquired a stray cat this week too - opened the door and there it was - small grey, pink nose with a  Claw- like personality. It kept purring and hissing at us - bi-polar at best, albatross at worst. We fed it for a few days - it was obviously starving and abandoned, then decided to take it to the Humane Society, we just cannot take another animal in.  David bribed the cat into the carrier with tuna fish and then bribed the Humane Society with $40 to facilitate it's transaction into the facility. David and I accidentally watched Mob Wives for 10 minutes one night - one had definite man hands and that's all I'm saying on that subject. We heard from Jackson - he's back in the states finally which we're thrilled about. He didn't call for a couple of days because one day he was getting settled in and the other day he was being greeted by his old friends - drinking and so forth. He sounds great and hopefully will be getting leave so we can see him. My boss has been very kind and I can take off what ever time I need to.  Now all I need is the dates. Our memorial day weekend was nice and quiet, we didn't do too much at all, just quiet stuff. I replanted my garden and it rained so we'll see what happens. Hopefully it will not end up being the Garden Of Deja Vu. We're having central air installed tomorrow, yep, biting the bullet. After a couple of 80 + days and nights we decided it would be worth the money to have it done so they are coming Friday. How much do you bet the temps drop between then and now?

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Donna said...

Temps have sure dropped here! It will be in the 40's tonight. We'll be cooking again by Monday, though.