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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sock That Rocks!

 I finally finished sock #1 and am on to sock #2  -but it will not be in time for the Fiber Festival in Waynesburg this weekend. So I wanted to enter two of the shawls I've knitted - I got the entry form and filled it out, then called the woman in charge about dropping them off. Good luck with that. She does not have call waiting or an answering machine and is out a great deal of the time. I got hold of her the day before the dead line - she said to bring them to her house. She would be out (sigh) but to put them in the mailbox by the door. Which I did 2 days ago - I am assuming everyone is being honest here and I won't be seeing them on EBay. Susan wants me to enter them in the Mannington Fair in August and I also might enter them in the Buckwheat Festival - it's always fun to see the things you've made yourself on display, isn't it? Susan said when she was a kid the hall at the fair would be bursting at the seams with entries - the biggest vegetables, quilts, pies, but she said now it's hard to get enough things to cover. That people just don't have the pride they used to in making arts and crafts, it was the same thing said by the woman in charge of the fiber arts contest.  I"m on call this weekend so my festival-ling will be a bit limited but I'll just take the beeper and hope for the best. We had a meeting in Pittsburgh today - I rode up with Joyce and Robin and since I wasn't driving I got to knit on my sock all the way up - that is so fun! We got there early so we met Cecil at Eat N Park and had the breakfast - I'm glad I did because the lunch served at the meeting was all meat sandwiches and nothing else but pickles. So I was SOL for the afternoon - I suppose I could have picked off the meat but it was icky cold cuts and they get that cold cut juice all over everything. Eww. It was a fun meeting and everyone was there so it was fun. Things at home continue to roll along - Adam is doing very well, he finally got his separation pay and has finally found a job so he's busy getting his feet under him. I did hear from Jackson - he's been busy training (I assume) his replacement and starting to get ready to be ending his tour in Afghanistan. The pets are the pets - Vincent seems to have stabilized - he's a bit thin but that's normal for him, Claw is a jerk. Reuben continues to grow and is now a bad puppy doing bad puppy things, but he'll get over it. He horrifies Pearl the Good Dog and she often hides under the bed when he's being really bad - she wants nothing to do with him and is not willing to take one for the team. In other words, status quo.

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