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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shorts, Socks and Dogs.

 I'm done with the heel on the first sock, did the gusset and now onto the foot. I have the pattern down pretty good - especially since my first attempt was frogged -  I did try to save it but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just rip it out. The weather continues to be warm, I discovered yesterday I am back to the Original Shorts. There are 3 raggedy pairs that I've had for about 20 years. Last year I gave away my smaller shorts since none of them fit and bought a new bunch of larger sizes. THEN I joined Weight Watchers and had great success, so I gave all my big shorts away which left me with my Welfare Wardrobe of a pair of too big drawstring Used To Be Yellow pair with a hole, the Sort Of Green pair and the Tan Pair That Really Never Fit. I went to Gabriel Brothers and spent $90 today - but I got 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pair of summer work pants, a shirt, two pairs of shoes, pajama pants and lavender spray for my closet.  Hooray for Gabes! I still have not gotten my summer clothes out - I've made two attempts and have had to put them back as the temperature drops every time I even think about it. Next weekend they come out though no matter what. I am tired of flannel and wool, turtle necks and knee socks. I am on call this week - hate that. It's either some silly thing that can wait til Monday or it's some difficult situation that I am trying to trouble shoot over the phone, nerve wracking and stomach clenching. Because everyone messed with the on call schedule so much due to vacations, birthdays, etc.. I am on this week, off next and then back on the  following week - hopefully my nerves and David can take it.  David's birthday is Tuesday but we will be celebrating it on Saturday along with mother's day - during the week and while I'm on call would just suck all the fun out of it. Speaking of fun, over my birthday I added a ton of books to my Kobo ereader AND I found I could download the application to my Swanky Phone and can now read books on my phone. David is getting tired of the Swanky Phone as he complains I'm constantly mucking with it - I play Unicorn Dash (yes I have sent countless unicorns plummeting to their deaths, thank you for asking), I play Word Scramble, Words with Friends, Bejeweled, I text, email, take pictures and look up yarn shops. It has a feature that you can speak and it will print what ever you say - I'm certainly getting my money's worth! David has the two dogs outside - Reuben is growing rapidly and will soon be Pearl's size - the bigger he gets the more she likes him I think. They wrestle and run, tug their rope, dig holes, etc. I really think Pearl is happy to have a friend.

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Sinéad said...

LOL your welfare wardrobe... I'd gove anything to be able to ditch my current wardrobe and be able to buy a new, smaller one!
love your photo of the moon, wasn't it amazing this weekend?