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Friday, August 3, 2012

What Goes Up Does Not Have To Come Down

 David and I have a giant Sears freezer in the basement, it's what I tend to refer to as the "hide a body size". We've never even entertained the idea of getting rid of it, I have no idea how they got it down there and less of an idea of how to get it out. It's still working of course, and working well. I cleaned out well last weekend, scrubbed and dried and left open to air. It has that fun late 60's- early 70's star burst design on the inside of the top, the hanging baskets are all accounted for - all and all a fine example of Sears Best. We are plugging it in this weekend for test run to see how much electric it will use - and the reason for all of this is the never ending climbing price of food. I almost sucked all the air out of the supermarket last week when I bought a spaghetti squash and it cost almost seven dollars! We buy very little meat, nothing too fancy and yet cannot seem to get away for less than $150 - $200 a week. A lot of the reason is we buy tons of fruits and vegetables and with the drought that hit us this year it can only get worse. My garden actually is producing but it's useful only if you're prepared to live on zucchini and sunflower seeds. We see things on sale, but have limited space to store it so we think we may be plugging the freezer in and starting to stockpile the things we see on sale. Speaking of food I did get to Weight Watchers this week - I was getting emails that if I didn't get my butt to a meeting and get weighed I would be Weight Watching from the outside. I admit I have been putting it off because this summer, before, during and after I had my vacation I did not fall off the wagon - I went catapulting into the stratosphere, sailing away on cupcakes and pizza slices. I thought it would be easy to get back into the diet mode - but it's not. It's the one more and then that's it. Well, after Sunday that's it. Welllll.....after  NEXT MONTH  I am Totally Serious, That's It. I did stay under my goal weight but only a little. I am working on getting back on track and have lost a pound and have gotten back into my morning routine. I'm hoping to take Pearl walking this weekend if it is not too too hot. We'll have to see.

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