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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I can't believe I haven't blogged for almost two weeks - that must be a record. Anyhoo my resolutions remain the same:

Knit as much as humanly possible
Buys as much yarn as I can stuff into the house
Drink a lot of coffee

I like to make them do-able. In other news  Jackson and Brandi are here for the week, we are really enjoying having them both here. Brandi is from California so this is her first snow, and her second. And her third. But she's liking it - Reuben has appointed himself The Host and as part of his duties, he sleeps with the guests. Brandi has a dog of her own so it doesn't bother her I hope.We had a nice dinner when they got there and a birthday cake for Jackson who turns 23 this year.  Adam is having a good time hanging out with them over this winter break. I have taken some time off so I have a week to hang out. I'm in the midst of knitting socks - I have one about 3/4 done and of course I'm obsessed with my new Kobo. For Christmas I took a little over a hundred dollars and downloaded ebooks onto to my library. Adam inherited my old one so he's been busy reading too - we share some of the same reading preferences so it will be awhile before he needs to buy anything. He's getting organized for college, it will be a race to the finish I think. Since he only had a few weeks to get signed up we have been frantically getting transcripts, looking for vaccine records,etc... we're heading to Janet and Diane's on Thursday, will be seeing Ray on Friday, Philly on Sat, home on Sunday and hopefully the new dog home on Monday. I'll need a vacation from my vacation! I had a little  bit of a to-do with my eyes over the weekend and found myself in the walk in clinic - I woke up with slight swelling around one eye but no vision disturbances. They suggested I do a couple more days with drops and that seems to have resolved it, but it's a little nerve wracking when it comes to your vision, you know? We did the mall the other day and of course Brandi was taken to Gabriel Brothers, that is like the funnest store you can shop at. I got a pair of Eddie Bauer jeans for TWO dollars, can't beat that, can you?

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Donna said...

I had to do a search and see what Kobo was.