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Monday, January 21, 2013

Comfort Measures.

It's funny how when pressed, we all have our go to things to  make our world level things out.  Some of us run, garden - some hit the hay and stay there until whatever upsetting event has blown by. I tend to spend a day on my own, the quiet calms me, inside and out. I clean a little, the concentration moves the bad stuff down the hall enough so I'm not tripping over it. Movies - tend to be scenic or childish, this weekend's picks were Lars and The Real Girl and A Wrinkle In Time.  The second I was absolutely over the moon about, I had that book as a kid and read it to shreds, it was a loved book. The books I read follow the same theme, Debbie Macomber is wonderful for relaxing and forgetting your troubles. I knit of course, I"m working on my plain old sock - knit knit knit with no fancy stitches. Coffee and cream, cream and coffee. Berries and cream too. Feet up, curtains open, sweat pants and a baggy sweater. Are things that bad? No. Things are changing though, most for the better but change is change - good or bad. Molly continues to get more comfortable by the day, soon it will be like she's always been here. Adam made his first trip to Pittsburgh and loved it, he met up with an old friend from high school which is always fun, isn't it? I'll be booking my flight for California this weekend - David is finishing the house and we'll be moving forward from there. I will be ending my job with home care management, I am going back to being a nurse. This is a decision that has taken me months to get to but I am not happy in a management role. I'm going to be working in a long term facility/rehab for a nation wide company, starting on nights but that is more than alright. I will be a floor nurse during the week and then one night I'll be charge. I can do that. I'm going to have to work every Friday and Saturday but I'll have 3 days in a row off every week so it's a good trade off. And for now, that is more than enough.

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