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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Terrible Two

SO - Molly has been adjusting over the course of a few weeks, a couple bobbles here and there but nothing to write home about. A few days ago we had noticed that Molly and Reuben have become the best of pals, they sleep together, eat, and lately, trouble make together. Yesterday they were in rare form, wrestling around my legs all morning. I finally made them stop when I was attempting to negotiate the stairs with them yipping and twirling all the way down. A little later they went out for their morning romp, I make sure I have at least a total of 45 minutes to an hour for them (and me) to play in the yard. They were doing their usual loops but were edging closer and closer to the front - suddenly Molly peeled off with Reuben hot on her heels and they BOTH darted across the road - yikes! I was yelling both their names and then Molly started running around Ed and Ramona's house, me hollering and then Reuben taking up the end position - I was hoping everyone was at work, believe me! It took me a minute to realize Molly thought this was a big game so I called her again and went the other way - success! She started chasing me, I got the leash on her to lead them both back home. THEN when I got home from work everyone was in trouble having gotten yelled at over an incident involving Vincent the Cat. As you can see from the picture they're hard to get mad at because Molly is so sincere and Reuben is a big palooka. Everyone survived the day and they are better today, but we will be cracking down a bit from now on. We live on a back road but it's a straightaway and the few cars that come down the road are usually flying. Our neighbors lost their beloved Gabe to the road last year - we cried for a week too as he was Pearl's best buddy - I have no desire to repeat that. In other news I had my follow up eye exam and it went very well, I am so pleased! The pressure in both eyes have remained near normal, the vision in one eye actually improved a little and the other eye stays the same, but there is no visual deficits. I do NOT have to start the eye drops, I have the vision of a hawk, well, a hawk that needs glasses and my next appointment is not for 6 months. My last day at work is Monday - this week of course while I was trying to get everything tied up  there was an explosion at every corner - but I handled it along with my coworkers. Some of it was serious, others were of the Are You Kidding variety - what a way to end. I will miss everyone but  this is the right decision.  I'm booking my flight for Jackson's wedding this weekend too, very excited and happy for him. It's so hard to find the right person but he's done a good job - then off to Tennessee for him and Brandi. Adam is enjoying college, once again straightening out the GI bill, he will need to start again to look for a job but it's not critical at the moment. We want him to settle into college and do well with his studies, we can work towards the rest later. The Bruceton Mills house is a week away from being done - we have hit another issue - another disgruntled relative. Nothing major just an annoying chapter that doesn't affect anything. Silly crap. I'm almost done with the second sock and then on to.............hmm. I guess I'll have to think about this.

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