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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 We are getting used to Molly and she's getting used to us. Is it perfect? Of course not -she's a rescue dog from a volume breeder. She's been caged, not fed, not given water and no socialization - but her foster family did an amazing job with her and we will continue what they started. But she is obsessed with the cats and we are already disciplining her not to chase them - or worse. David has been employing The Hat which is the most bizarre thing and works with all of our V's. You take a hat, say NO and sort of shake it at the offending party - everyone will do whatever to get away from The Hat. Because it's a non aggressive thing everyone also recovers very quickly from The Hat and goes right back to it. Eventually it sinks in and the offending party stops doing what ever it that was offensive in the first place as it becomes too much trouble. We have been keeping Molly on the leash until we know she'll come back to us - we've got our phone number and address on her collar in the event the unthinkable happens. But she's already responding to commands and seems to very much like keeping company with Reuben - they are a Gang Of Two at this point. We've had a few frolics around the house at high speed and the cat is  not all Molly's fault - someone has been instigating and I won't point any paws! They did the crates downstairs for the first time today, David will be finishing work early for a few days - we have a room downstairs that will be theirs during the day once we know they will behave with each other - we can start on a weekend so they can have it for a couple of hours to see how they do. There are a few quirks, for some reason Molly will not let me put the leash on her - David can do it and I can walk her on the leash with no problem and she'll even come for me to take it off - I have no idea why but it's not a huge issue at this point. At night they have the run of the house since there's nothing really for them to get into, they manage to sneak into Adam's room and bunk in with him - he's been around  the breed  since birth so he just sighs and makes sure he gets a pillow. As you can see we are very much enjoying her. In other news Adam starts the local college next week, the University completed his background check so he's being considered for the job he interviewed for and he was out to dinner with someone he met so things are starting to fall into place for him. We are still recovering from the vacation - I was pretty mad at Subaru the other day. When were coming back from Lancaster 8 miles from the house I ran over something and blew out my front tire. Arrgh! The only hilarious thing was we broke down right across from a gas station with the nicest guy. He changed it quick and didn't ask for anything - I paid him of course but how nice. David called Subaru - and they not only didn't carry their own tires, but had no idea where I could get one. I was like are you kidding??? They said they could order one and it would take 3 days for it to get here - since I'm on the road all the time I certainly can't be running around on a doughnut. Cut to the chase THEY had to drive up to Pittsburgh to get one and David had the oil changed while he was there. But can believe it? How can you sell a car and then not know where to find the tires? Just when you think you've seen it all - you see something more!

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Donna said...

::note to self:: Do NOT buy a Suburu.
Dogs are so smart, they always come around as long as we are patient with them. Cats too, for that matter.