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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Times They Are A Changing......

Ever since December the crap has been hitting the fan, we've been running on quick sand, name it, it's happened. Not all bad mind you - just drastic shifts in our tiny world. We left for Janet and Diane's with Brandi, Jackson, Adam and me on Thursday after Adam's interview. We got to their house about 6 pm, just in time for dinner. The next day up and out the door to Ray's in NJ for the day. My map quest and GPS said 2.3 hours however neglected to mention that was according to Post Apocalyptical driving time where everyone else is dead or too zombified to drive - unfortunately in real time it was more like 3.5 hours. Each way. But it was very much worth it to see Ray and go out to eat with him. We had a ball and after we did the book store, then back to Ray's for tea. Getting back was a nightmare as we managed to hit rush hours and the GPS went to the dark side and made sure I hit every jammed road. I was a super crabby pants about the whole thing but we survived. Janet and Diane held dinner and we did tacos and tv - all was right in my world again. Saturday we bothered the amish, we peeked at their quaintly selves and bought doo-dads, We ate at Good and Plenty which I was very excited about - I've been to the bakery but have never hit the big leagues- upstairs in the Farmhouse Dining Room. They seat you at big tables and if more people come they sit at your table too. It's family style so you can have seconds  and thirds if you like. I ate shoo fly pie - I ate a big piece and then secretly wanted to eat another but didn't as I would have barfed. I was a little full. We did a little more sight seeing and peeping, then back home. Brandi was having a good time since this is her first east coast trip - I was glad everything worked out so well for their first trip. Diane did appetizers for dinner and since everyone was in a Pennsylvania Dutch frame of mind Janet had an Amish Mafia marathon, four hours. They have a mennonite as an enforcer - it's a very silly show and not too believable but we had a great time watching Lebonon Levi wielding his amish powers. Sunday morning Adam and I headed out leaving Jackson and Brandi to visit til Monday when their flight left. I had things to do and I know The Aunts enjoy some alone time with the kids. While we were heading home David was heading for Ohio to get our new dog, Molly from her foster family. I know it's hard for them to give her up - I have no idea how fosters do that - but I'm very greatful that they did. Molly was very skittish when she got here but has relaxed a lot over the past day much to the cat's dismay. We know it's a huge adjustment for her, there's no way to tell a dog what's going on and we know how scared she is which is why we waited until all the guests were gone and holidays were over to go get her. But she's doing very well and I look forward to the warmer weather. I still miss Pearl dreadfully, when I took a picture of Molly that looked like her I wept when I saw it - grief is the only emotion that can blindside you so well. But it's not as bad as it was, time tends to soften the blow. And I'm so glad we have Molly now.

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You've been busy!